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Atmosphere Engineering Company designs and manufactures industrial flow measurement and control products. Our strength is integrating extensive process control experience with our knowledge of fluid dynamics and advanced flow control techniques to provide complete solutions for our customers. Our goal is to continually develop and support systems that optimize the quality, safety, and control of each process while at the same time minimizing gas and fluid consumption to reduce production cost and eliminate energy waste.

Atmosphere Panels

The N2/H2 control system is a fully automated gas mixing system for heat treating furnace atmosphere production. The panel utilizes the latest in precision differential pressure flow measurement and touch screen controller design. The system is the first with built-in flow rate calculation to automatically set the Nitrogen and Hydrogen flow rates based on a desired % H2 concentration. The N2/H2 panel comes completely pre-piped, wired, and tested to perform to the exact furnace requirements.

Nitrogen + Hydrogen Furnace Control System Nitrogen + Hydrogen Supply System

Flow Meters

The Electronic FurnaceMeter™ and VersaMeter™ integrated flow controllers can be fitted with a motorized flow control valve designed to provide a complete solution for flow control applications. The desired flow rate set point can be programmed locally using the membrane keypad or remotely using 4-20mA signal or RS232/485 ModbusRTU communications.


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