Transport Trolleys and Hydraulic Jacks are the devices that are used to lift, move and transport of heavy loads or machinery inside the company premises. These equipments are generally used in all types of industries where materials or machines have to be moved. Our products are designed for safe lifting and effortless moving of heavy loads.

Material handling equipments are mainly used to decrease time and need less man power for lifting and moving of bulk and heavy materials or machinery.

Damage caused to the heavy machineries or loads are minimal by using transport trolleys and Hydraulic jacks.

The transport trolleys and Hydraulic Lifting Jacks are used for heavy operations; hence the quality of the product cannot be compromised with.

We manufacture Transport Trolleys from 6tons to 24 tons in India and Hydraulic Jack of 5 and 10 tons.

Higher capacity trolleys and Jacks are imported from Germany.

JUNG high capacity skates are designed for use on any hard, consistent surface, as found in almost any factory or commercial premises.

Hydraulic Jacks provide fine control on raising or lowering, while their swiveling load stability feet give close access to the machinery side.


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JL_6_K JL_12_K

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