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Based on more than 25 years of experience PlaTeG manufactures plants for plasma surface treatment of steel components and sintered iron.

With the help of the PulsPlasma® Technology developed by PlaTeG, steel surfaces can be hardened and refined in a way, that wear and corrosion can be reduced and component life extended. Machine parts and other components are often exposed to very different stresses in daily use, which makes high demands on wear and corrosion resistance and thermal stability. Without adequate heat and/ or surface treatment, many machine parts such complex stresses would not permanently survive.

The PulsPlasma® Nitriding as an energy-and resource-friendly heat treatment method can fulfil such requirements and is becoming increasingly important in the metal processing industry as an alternative to Gas nitriding or Carburizing due to its technological advantages.

Advantages of PlaTeG-PulsPlasma®technology

Compared to other plasma nitriding techniques the PulsPlasma®technology provides some outstanding advantages:

  • Pulsed DC plasma.
  • No surface damage by arcing.
  • Gentle heating of the parts in the plasma.
  • Plasma cleaning at low temperature .
  • Effective thermal insulation system.
  • Compact plant construction.
  • Bell-type furnaces, pit-type furnaces, horizontal furnaces for easy loading and unloading.
  • Bell-type furnaces available as Mono-, Shuttle- or Tandem-plant.

Especially the PlaTeG Mono-Shuttle-Tandem-design offers high plasma nitriding performance with manageable investments:

Fields of application

As individual devices or integrated into production facilities PlaTeG- PulsPlasma®Nitriding plants are used for varied fields of application, as Automobile industry, Mechanical engineering, Aircraft industry, Aerospace industry, Oilfield industry, Tool engineering, Moulding, Gear construction, Metal working, Heat treatment shops

Customer benefit of PlaTeG-PulsPlasma®Nitriding technology
  • Uniform temperature distribution by hot wall technology
  • Low process gas consumption, no polluting gases
  • Flexible nitriding temperatures between 300 °C und 600 °C.
  • Controllable compound- and diffusion-layer formation.
  • Controllable dimensional changes.
  • Treatment of steel with Cr content >12 %.
  • Nitriding of sintered steel.
  • Simple masking for partial treatment.
  • Combination with PulsPlasma®Oxidation in one treatment cycle.

PlaTeG- PulsPlasma®Nitriding plants are available in a wide range of sizes. Using a plant with standard chamber sizes allows for additional cost savings.

Furnace Type Working Area(mm) Load Weight (kg) Connected Power(kW)
PP20 ф 400x800 ф 300x500 500 25
PP60 ф 700x800 ф 600x700 1000 49
PP120 ф 1000x1600 ф 800x1200 2000 100
PP200 ф 1200x2000 ф 1000x1600 3000 150
PP300 ф 1400x2500 ф 1200x2000 5000 200
PP500 ф 1800x2900 ф 1600x2200 8000 327

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