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STANGE Elektronik increases productivity in heat treatment with innovative products, systems and services.

The integrated embedding of automation solutions in overlying IT systems leads to more flexible and more transparent processes. This applies for new plants as well as for the individual modernization and/or expansion of plants. Control technology and automation increase plant productivity and increase the quality of products.

Fields of application
  • Metal working industries.
  • ceramic industries.
  • glass industries.
  • plastics industries.
  • food industries and pharmacy.
  • cooling and air conditioning.
Program controllers and industrial controls

The control system of a heat treatment process and the constructive design of a plant are crucial for the quality of the end products achieved. The controllers can be equipped for different process engineering tasks through software modules. In addition to the C-level control and the nitriding potential control, an online diffusion calculation is available. Multilingual operating dialogues and remote maintenance enables the systems to be used worldwide.

Industrial Control SE-702 Industrial Control SE-604
Industrial Control SE-607 Program Controller SE-609

Remote CAN Peripherals

STANGE remote signal processing for data logging and process control.

CAN Peripherals SIOS Peripherals

Process control software

The ECS process control system fulfils the constantly increasing tasks in the sector of automation technology and also offers a simple solution to control, monitor and log processes. Process engineering required by plants manufacturers and end users can be easily realized via the process technical software module (diffusion calculation, nitriding potential pre-calculation, online diffusion, nitriding case depth calculation (NCD)).

ECS Process Control Software Offline diffusion

Nitriding potential

Sensors / Probes

The success of a heat treatment depends not only on the treatment temperature but also on the atmosphere composition. For the winning of information, necessary for processing, we offer different sensors for automation and process engineering. Depending upon technological requirements the available sensors are selected.

H2-Hydrogen-Sensor O2-Oxygen Sensor

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